Furoshiki - Japanese Cloth Wrapping

Cut down on disposable wrapping paper, and try wrapping gifts using this traditional technique.

Furoshiki is a type of Japanese wrapping cloth, traditionally used to carry clothes, gifts or food. The name, which means "bath spread" dates back to the Edo period, where people would use square cloths to bundle their clothes at the public baths, and prevent people from  mixing up each other's clothes!  Eventually, use of Furoshiki also became a way for merchants to protect their wares, and to protect and decorate gifts. 

In modern times, Furoshiki can be a great substitute to use instead of plastic bags, gift bags, or wrapping paper. Not only do they allow you to cut down on the use of disposable wrapping, but they look unusual and beautiful as well! 

Over the years, people have developed a number of specialised wrapping techniques, to accommodate everything from books to chocolate boxes, from wine bottles to bundles of pencils. 

Your challenge: wrap at least one gift this Christmas using Furoshiki. It's a sturdy, practical, and environmentally-friendly way to go. The recipient of the gift can re-use the fabric to wrap a gift of their own!

Check out some examples of Furoshiki in these videos, and post a photo of your wrapped gift below. 

Image: Weekend Knitter @ Flickr