Feminist Hero

Share a picture of your feminist hero.

Women, we've come to a fork in the road.

On the one hand, it feels like feminism is going mainstream. Finally, people are starting to understand why gender equality matters. And our discussions are getting more nuanced - our feminism is intersectional, and includes women of colour, women with disabilities, transgender women, fat women,  and women from different religious backgrounds. It feels like we're making progress, when the biggest pop star is the universe is a woman of colour - and she is proud to stand in front of a sign declaring, "FEMINIST". 

On the other hand, we're still being undermined. Women are still being denied agency and treated like objects. Pictures of women breastfeeding are considered offensive, but rape jokes are not. And the spectre of "Not All Men" lurks above us. 

We want you to stand up and say that being a feminist is not something to be ashamed of. Share your feminist hero with us here, and together, we can show that feminism is not a dirty word!