EduHack in Melbourne

Tackle real education challenges using technology.

We're going to put something out there… technology in education usually isn’t that great. Think about it: when was the last time you saw digital technology used in a classroom or lecture theatre, in a way that really blew your mind? Has it ever happened?

We want to change that. We think that good digital is essential to a good education, and we believe that young people should be calling the shots. EduHack is Australia’s first education hackathon, and it' happening June 20-22 in Melbourne.

EduHack will bring together students and people from the education, technology and business communities to develop innovative solutions that tackle real education challenges. You don’t have to be a hacker to sign up - we need people with all sorts of passions and talents to come along.

It's $25 for under 18s, and $50 if you're 18 plus, and you can head here to register.

Once Eduhack is over, come back and share your concept for revolutionising education. 

Image: Matyida @ Flickr

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