What advice do you want to give to the teenagers of today?

DearHolly is an ongoing community project in which people send in advice to  the teenagers of today via the back of a postcard. Each weekend the postcards are shared on 

This collection is about providing advice, sharing secrets and anecdotes. Maybe you want to tell H/Olly to march to the beat of their own drums because your teenage years were spent in the chorus. Maybe you want to tell them to go to ‘that party’, have more confidence or get their drivers license as soon as possible.

How to participate:
- Address a postcard to Dear Holly, Dear Olly or Dear H/Olly.
- Write your advice anonymously (you can include your age and gender for context if you like.
- Stamp and mail the postcard or letter to:

Knox City Centre Post Office,
PO Box 4180
Knox City Centre
VICTORIA, Australia, 315 


If you’d rather email your submissions, then you can write, scan, upload, photograph, or digitally create your message and email it to:, tweet it to @dearhollymail, instagram @dearhollyproject or post on the facebook

Your submission will be posted up on the Dear Holly website. 

Image: Bethan @ Flickr