Chalk it up

Colour the world (some local pavement...) rainbow in support of LGBT.

Haven’t used your rainbow chalk set in a while? Time to get it on and do some non-permanent and very legal graffiti!

After the government in Sydney took the decision in March 2013 to end their creation of a 'rainbow crossing' on one of the city's main streets, people began to take matters into their own hands, by creating their own rainbow crossing out of chalk. The craze quickly took Australia by storm and then spread out to countless countries as well (for details see this site)

In conjunction with International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, use your creative skills to send a message. Whether you do it by yourself on your footpath, with a group of friends at the local park or at school on the grounds, make it big and make it colourful! Use the rainbow chalk to create pictures, messages and anything that will get your ideas across and make others want to know what you're up to. 

And make sure you take a photo of it for us before it disappears... 

NOTE: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia is on Saturday May invite your friends to join, or take up the challenge another time this month. 

Image: Karrie Nodalo @ Flickr

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