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Learn to make radio, TV, podcasts, blogs, and more!

Have you ever listened to a radio show, and thought "I could do this"? If there's a newsreader, radio announcer, content producer or music reviewer living inside you, then SYN is the perfect place for you. 

Anyone 12-25 can make radio, TV, digital media or work behind the scenes at SYN.

SYN is perfect for any person 12-25 who:

  • Is looking for fun volunteer opportunities, new connections and friends.
  • Wants to learn skills on radio, television or digital media platforms.
  • Has a passion for a topic or an issue to share with our audience.
  • Wants to help lead and drive a thriving youth/not for profit media organisation.

Get started by attending an info session, which you can find out about here.

Image: Roadsidepictures @ Flickr

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