Attend a Pride Festival!

Every year, thousands of people don their rainbow flags for Pride Festivals all over the country, celebrating and supporting the gender and sexuality diverse community.

People (especially young people) who are gender or sexuality diverse can often feel isolated, afraid of being discriminated against. Pride festivals are an awesome opportunity to show your support for the community, get together with other gender and sexuality diverse young people and have some fun. There’s a pride celebration in almost every Australian capital city:

Melbourne: The Midsumma Pride March is on this Sunday February 1st. We’ll be there! If you live in Melbourne why not come along?

Sydney: The Sydney Mardi Gras Parade is on SaturdayMarch 7th.

Brisbane: The Brisbane Pride Festival Rally and March doesn’t have a date yet, but check out the interesting history of the march while you wait.

Darwin: Check out the Darwin Pride Festival for all kinds of fun events. The dates for 2015 are coming soon!

Perth: The Perth Pride Festival’s Fairday (an all-ages carnival) is coming up on Sunday February 15th.

Adelaide: The dates for the 2015 Adelaide Pride March haven’t been announced yet, but keep an eye out.

Hobart: Check out the TasPride website for the latest news and events.

Canberra: The SpringOut festival hasn’t been announced for 2015, yet.

To complete this challenge:

  1. Attend a Pride March - the FYA team will be marching in Melbourne this Sunday, come say hi!

  2. Take a selfie and upload it to this challenge

  3. Be proud!