10 Day Writing Challenge

Blog about a different topic every day.

This is a user-submitted challenge from Prue, a Young People Without Borders volunteer from Victoria. 

Blog about a different topic every day:
Day 1: Why be a part of Young People Without Borders?
Day 2: What are your real passions?
Day 3: Where do you see yourself in six months?
Day 4: Two goals to achieve this.
Day 5: Make a list of current issues relevant to your community.
Day 6: Do some research on one issue you're not very familiar with, and share the key points of what you've learnt.
Day 7: Pick the issue you're most passionate about and share why.
Day 8: If you could pick a 'dream team' of people to take action on your issue, who would they be?
Day 9: What barriers will you have to overcome to make a difference?
Day 10: Nominate a friend to do this challenge and tell us why.

Image: Freaktography @ Flickr

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